So Many Flights 

Flights of cider, beer, and coffee have been entertaining me on these warm weekends. I’ve gotten to share a flight of coffee with a new friend and start a conversation with a stranger over a flight of cider. Sometimes you just got to hop on over to a local brewery and see what happens. Sometimes you’re invited to play a board game and you should ALWAYS accept the invite. If there is one thing I learned in improv it’s “yes.. and”. Saying yes has been treating me well and I have enjoyed spending time with people I will most likely never see again. That’s what I throughly enjoy about life. Getting to share brief moments with people. I trust the world knows what it’s doing and brings people together on purpose (even if that time together it short). Conversation is dying because our technological savvy world and it’s always a great reminder to never take conversation for granted — to live in the moment and enjoy the presence of another person. Technically you have to be strangers before you can be friends.

I also got to spend some time baking this week. When I am not doing theatre things I can usually be found in the kitchen. I made this delicious Cherry Chocolate Zucchini Bread. I was able to buy majority of the ingredients at a local farmers market which made it even better.

Finding a new blog is always enjoyable as I get to explore tons of new recipes. This week I tried adding rosemary to my chocolate chip cookies after reading about herbs in a magazine. I may have over baked my cookies just a tad, but the taste of rosemary and chocolate is one combo my tastebuds will enjoy trying again. While the blog may not feature the cookie recipe, I shall definitely be trying out some of these other delicious recipes.

Lately I have become OBSESSED with turmeric. I put it in everything including smoothies. I am not sure how true the acclaimed health benefits are, but I do know that the taste is delightful.  I highly recommend trying out this forbidden rice salad with turmeric dressing. I of course added just a tad extra turmeric. I prepped the salad dressing and rice for the week as I will be taking this salad with me to work.

I also have perfected my go to smoothie!

1 tablespoon of Turmeric
1/8 tablespoon of Cayenne 
Half a bag of frozen Pineapple 
1 banana 
A generous squirt of Agave 
1 cup of coconut milk (or any plant based milk)

Blend those ingredients in a blender and enjoy! You can play around with the ingredients to make it less spicy or more creamy to suit your fancy! To be honest I make this smoothies so much I don’t even measure my ingredients.





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